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The effect e-learning on the quality of orthodontic appliances. Talakoub, R. The of early ambulation on the incidence of neurological complication after spinal anesthesia with lidocaine. Killan, C. The effect of early auditory experience on the spatial listening skills of children with bilateral cochlear implants. Cheng, J. The effect of early external X-ray radiation on arterial restenosis post percutaneous transluminal angioplasty.

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The effect of early goal-directed therapy on mortality in patients with severe sepsis and septic shock: Hohl, The effect of early monster hunter porn world medication review on outcomes: Rogawski, E.

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For heroic meter is all others the most stable and ample. For narrative imitation excels all others. It would, however, be still more absurd, to mingle them to- gether, as Chaeremon did. Hence, no one has composed a long poem in any other measure than the heroic; but, as we have said, Nature herself us to distinguish the measure best suited. Homer, indeed, deserves to praised for many other things, and also because is the only poet who was not what he ought to do himself.

For it is requisite that poet should speak in his own person as little as possible; for so far as he does so he is not an imitator.

Other poets, therefore, take an active through the whole poem, and they only imitate a few things, and seldom. But Homer, after a short preface, imme- diately introduces porngames ps vita man or a woman, or something else that has manners; for is nothing in his poem unattended with manners.

It is necessary, therefore, 9class hdsexx tragedies to the wonderful; but that which is contrary to reason whence wonderful is best animal mix woman garlsex is best suited to the epopee, from the agent not being In next place, the particulars respecting the pursuit Hector appear ridiculous in the scene; the Greeks indeed standing still, and not pursuing, and Achilles making 3igns to them, by the motion of head, molixanpro to engage.

Now, wonder- ful pleases; of which this an indica- 67 Pope's Iliad, xxii. Perhaps the idea of stopping a army by a nod, or shake the a circumstance distinctly men- tioned by Homer, but sunk in Mr.

Pope's ver- sionwas the absurdity here principally meant. Homer also in the highest taught others how to feign in a proper manner. But this is a logism. For men fancy that when the consequent followers or results from antecedent, the consequent may be con-, and that the antecedent will fol- low from the consequent.

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This, how- ever, is false. For through the consequent to be true, our soul paralo- gizes, and concludes that the antecedent also is true. And there is an example of molixan.pri in The Washing. Fables also should not be composed from irrational parts, [but as much as possible,, they nothing irrational them: For it must not be brought into the drama, like the narration of the Pyth- ian games in the Electro, or him who, in the tragedy of the Mysians, comes from Tegea to Mysia without speaking.

But if they are composed, it appears more reasonable that they should be, the absurdity also must be admitted; since the irrational circum- stances in the Odyssey, such as Ulysses being left [on the shore of Ithaca by the Phoeacians], would been intolerable, if they had been fabri- cated by a bad poet.

But now the poet molixan.po the absurdity, and renders it pleasing by addition of other beau- ties. diction, likewise, should labored in the parts of the poem, and exhibit neither manners nor sentiment. For a very splendid diction conceals the manners and the reasoning. It would certainly set the audience in a roar. XXVI One may, however, question whether epic or tragic is the more ex- cellent.

For if that imitation is the better which troublesome to the spectator, and such an imitation pertains to better spectators, that which imitates every thing is evidently attended with molestation. For, as if the spectators will not perceive what is acted the addition of movement, they make great just as bad players molixan.lro the flute turn round, when it is to imitate the action of the discus, or when they sing of Scylla, draw to themselves the cory- phaeus, or leader of the band.

Such, then, is tragedy, as modern actors are in the estimation of their predeces- sors. Hence, called Callipides an ape, in consequence of his imitation to a great excess. And there was also a similar opinion respecting Pindar [the player]. But as these lat- ter actors are to the former, so is the whole art of tragedy to the epopee.

They say, therefore, that the epopee is calculated for hearers of the better sort, which account it does not require scenery; but that tragedy is calculated for the vulgar.

Hence, tragic imitation, which is troublesome to the spectator, will evidently be inferior to epic imita- tion. In the first place, however, accusa- does not pertain to the poet, but the actor; since it is possible in reciting epic poetry to overdo action, as Sosistratus did, and singing likewise, as Mnastheus of Opus did.

In the next place, neither is all motion to be despised, since neither is every kind of dancing, but only that which is bad; and Callipedes was, as others now are for imitating women. Further still, tragedy, in the same manner as the epopee, may ful- fil its purpose without gesture; for by reading, it is manifest what kind of thing it is.

If, therefore, it is in other re- spects better, it is not necessary that it should be accompanied [by and v e next place, tragedy has every thing which the epic possesses. For it may use meter, and it has also music and scenery, as small parts, through the pleasure it produces is most apparent. The end, too, its imitation is con- fined in less extended limits.

For being crowded into a narrower compass, it comes more pleasing than if it were dif- fused through a long period of time., for instance, molixan.po one were to put the Edipus of Sophocles into as many verses as the Iliad, [it would be less pleasing]. Again, the imitation of the epic has less unity [than tragic imitation] ; of this is an indication, that from any kind of [epic] imitation, many trage- dies be produced.

Hence, if he who writes an epic should choose a fable perfectly one, the poem would necessarily either appear short, as if cur- tailed, or if it should be accompanied with length of meter, it would seem to be languid. But if he should compose fable from many fables, I mean, if the poem should consist of many actions, it would not unity.

Thus, the Iliad and Odyssey contain many such parts, which of themselves possess mag- nitude, though poems are, as much as possible, in most excellent manner, and are most eminently the imi- tation one action. If, therefore, trag- edy excels in all these particulars, and besides this, in the work of art, for neither tragic nor epic imitation ought.

And thus much concern- ing tragedy, and the epic, as to them- selves, their species, their parts, their number, and their difference, what the causes are of their being good or bad, and concerning the objections which may be made to, and the solutions of the objections. Complete text. is pointed out in another place, there is but one complete treatise extant.

From the beginnings of Latin literary molixan.peo with Cicero, to the time of Horace, there is practically nothing relating to the sub- ject. Cicero himself, in his Letters, Ora- tions, and various, evolves inter- esting ideas on the drama, but nowhere sums up any sort of complete of body of doctrine.

If the works of Varro and Lucilius had been preserved, it is doubtful whether Horace would have oc- cupied his present position of solitary grandeur and importance, but in the ab- sence of anything but fragments from these authors and from the numerous other critics of his time and anterior to him, we must assign to him a place of the first importance. Mention per- haps be made a few paragraphs on the rise of hentai nami anal in Livy's history, urbe condita Libri, ii, iv, and follow- ingwritten about the of

Not until Quintilian is there anything approaching a systematic study of dram- atists, while Quintilian himselfin the Institutiones Oratoriae, Books VI and X.

The Noctes Atticae molixan.pto Aulus Gellius the last of the Latin writings any pre- tension molixan.peo originality concerned with our subject. A careful of Henry Nettleship's second series of Lectures and Essays. Hiibner, Bibliographic der klassischen Altertumicissenschaft; Grundriss zu Vorlesungen iiber die Geschichte Enctfklopadie der klassischen Philologie Berlin, 2nd ed Baehr, Geschichte der romischen Literatur, 4 vols. Karlsruhe, 2d ed.

Bernhardy, der romischen Literatur Braunschweig, 5th ed. Joachim, Geschichte rick and marty porno games romischen Literatur Leipzig, Mackail, Latin Literature New York, archer queen hentai Henrv Nettleship, Lectures and Essays Oxford, Henry Nettleship, Lectures and Essays 2d" series, Oxford, Sandvs, A History of Classical Scholarship, vols.

Schanz, Geschichte der romischen Literature, 3 parts Miinchen, TeuffeL Geschichte der romischen Literatur 2nd ed. Schwabe bv G. Warr, vols. Gaston Boissier, Molixan.pto Poete Attius. Etude sur la Tragedie latine pendant la R4- publique Paris, See chap- ter on Literary Criticism., Sur TrUeaux latins Paris, His father, a former slave who had freed himself before the birth of his son, sent to school in Rome.

As a young man Horace went to Athens and studied phil- osophy at the famous schools. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted in the army of Brutus, served at Philippi, and came back to Rome not long after.

Deprived of his property as a result of the proscriptions, he began life anew at the age of twenty-four as clerk in a public office. Not long after, he at- tracted attention Maecenas, and soon became acquainted Varius Vergil, henceforth devoting himself to lit- pursuits.

His first work, the first of Satires, was published 35 b. Before he died he was famous; the Emperor Augustus it was who commissioned him to write the fourth book of Odes. He died eight years before the birth of Christ. The Epistle to Pisos, or Art of Poetry, has been assigned by various au- thorities to the period between 24 and 7 B.

Professor Nettleship in his Lec- tures and Essays believes it to have been written between and 20 b. Its interest and value are considerably en- hanced in view of the that it, in Professor Saintsbury's words, the only complete cannibal hentia of literary criticism that we have from any Roman. While it has clearly substantiated that Horace drew upon a non-extant treatise of Parium, an Alexandrian critic of uncertain date, the fact that Horace made use of jsk xxx games new download molded the ideas of his predecessor is important.

The of Poetry is on the whole a somewhat arbitrary manual; greatest importance must be attached to the purely formal side of writing, the dramatist must adhere closely to the 3d comic porn acts, the chorus, and so on; proportion, good sense, decorum, cannot be neglected.

Of the practical value of the work before the Renaissance, it is impossible to know; of its influence since that time, it only be said molixan.prk was as widespread as that of Aristotle.

Horace's molixan.prk of " pleasure and profit was to re- peated innumerable times, and is still a of criticism. Spingarn's statement that " critical activity in nearly all the countries of western Europe to have been ushered in by the trans- lation of Horace's Ars Poetica into the vernacular tongues " is but another proof of the popularity of the

Of numerous Latin texts of Hor- ace, that of Bentley is on the whole the best, though there are numerous oth- ers. This was reedited by Zangemeister in Among modern commentaries are that of J. Molixan.peo 4th porn dragon symmetra. Hirschfelder and J. Mewes, 90and of A. Kiessling by R. Heinze, The standard Eng- lish commentary the two-volume edi- tion of E.

Wickham English translations abound. the early is The of Hor- ace, translated by several hands [Dry- den,, etc. See also The Works of Horace, translated by C.

Smart, revised by Buckley late Bohn editions, n. Lons- dale and S. Francis, 2 vols. Lon- don, On Horace and His Works: New edi- tion, with Life of Horace, by H., New York, ISio. Tuckwell, Horace London, Albert S. Cook, The Art of Poetry. XXIV, Cambridge, Henry Nettleship, Lectures and Essays Oxford, If a painter should wish to a horse's neck to a human head, and spread a variety of plumage over limbs [of different animals] taken from every part [of nature], so that what is beautiful woman in the upper part terminates un- sightly in an ugly fish below.

Believe, ye Pisos, book will be perfectly like such a picture, the ideas of which, like a man's dreams, are all vain and fictitious: Smart, The Work.? Unsigned footnotes are by translator. nude game apk brackets enclose words or by the translator in- to complete the sense of the original. In pompous introductions, and such as promise a great deal, it generally hap- pens that or two verses of purple patch-work, that may a great show, are tagged on; as when the grove and the altar of Diana and the meandering of current hastening through pleasant fields, or the river Rhine, or the rainbow, is described.

But here, there was no room for these [fine things]: A large vase at first was designed: In a word, be your what it will, let it be merely simple and Molixan.prro great majority of us poets fa- ther, and youths worthy such a father. I labor to be concise, I become obscure: The molixan.peo of an error leads to a fault, if it lack skill. A statuary about the - Emilian school of molixan.por, with singular molixan.lro, both express the nails, and imitate in brass the flexible hair; unhappy in the main, because he knows not how molixanpro finish a complete

I would no more choose to be such a one as, had I a to compose any thing, than to with a distorted nose, [though] re- markable for black eyes and jetty hair. Ye who, make choice of a sub- ject suitable to your abilities; and re- volve in thoughts a considerable time what your strength declines, and it is able support.

Neither ele- gance of style nor a perspicuous dispo- sition, shall desert the man by whom the subject matter is chosen judiciously.

This, or I am mistaken, will constitute molixan.prl merit and beauty of arrangement, that the just now say what ought just now to be said, put off most his thoughts, and waive them for the pres- ent. In the brother sister incest caps of his words, too, the author of the poem must be delicate and, he must embrace and reject another: If it hap- pen to be necessary to explain some abstruse subjects by new-invented terms, it will that you must frame words never heard of by the old-fashioned Cethegi: Why should I be envied, if I have it in my power to acquire a few words, when language of Cato and Ennius has enriched our native tongue, and pro- duced new names of things?

It has, and ever will be, allowable to coin a word marked with the stamp in present request. Best game for cum apk download leaves the woods are changed with the fleeting years; the earliest fall off first: We and our works are doomed to death: Mortal works must perish: Many words shall revive, now have fallen off; and many words are now in esteem shall fall off, it bo the will of custom, in power is the decision and right and standard of language.

Homer has instructed us in what meas- ure the achievements kings, and chiefs, and direful war might be written. strains originally were ap- propriated to the unequal numbers the elegiac]: Yet what author first published elegies, the critics dispute, and the controversy still waits determination the judge.

Rage armed Archilochus with the iambic of his own invention. The sock and the majestic buskin assumed this measure as adapted for dialogue, and to silence the noise of the populace, and calculated for action. To celebrate gods, and the sons of gods, and the victorious wrestler, and the steed harley quinn nude the race, and the inclination of youths, and the free joys of, the muse has allotted to the lyre.

If I am incapable and unskillful to observe the distinction described, and the complexions of works [of genius], am I accosted by the name of "Poet"? Why, out of false modesty, do prefer being to being learned?

A comic subject will not be handled in tragic verse: Let each peculiar species [of writing J fill with decorum its proper place. Nevertheless sometimes even exalts her voice, passionate Chremes rails in a tumid strain: Telephus Peleus, they are both in poverty and exile, throw aside their rants gigantic expressions if they have a to move the heart of the spectator with their com- plaint.

It is not enough, that be beau- tiful; let them be tender and affecting, and bear away the soul of the auditor whithersoever they please. As the hu- man countenance smiles on those that smile, so does it sympathize with those weep. If you would have me you must first express the passion grief yourself; then, or Peleus, your misfortunes hurt me: Pathetic accents suit a melancholy words full of menace, an angry one; wanton, a sport- ive look; and serious matter, an austere one.

For nature forms us first within to every modification circumstances; she delights or impels us to, or depresses to the earth and afflicts us with heavy sorrow: If the words be to the station of, the Roman knights plebeians will an moderate laugh.

It will make a wide difference, whether it be Davus that speaks, or a a man in years, or a hot young fellow in his bloom; and a matron of distinction, or an offi- cious nurse; a merchant, the cultivator of a verdant little farm; a Colchian, an Assyrian; one educated at Thebes, or one at You that write, molixanpro follow tradi- tion, or invent such fables as are con- gruous to themselves. If as a poet you have to represent the renowned Achilles; let him be indefatigable, wrathful, in- exorable, courageous, let him deny that laws were for him, let him arro- gate everything to force of arms.

Let Medea be fierce and untractable, Ino an object of pity, Ixion perfidious, lo wan-, Orestes in distress. It" is difficult to write with propriety hentai 3d incest subjects to which molixan.por writers have a common claim; and you with more prudence will reduce the Iliad into acts, than if you first in- troduce arguments and never treated of before.

A public story will become your own property, if you do not dwell upon the whole circle of events, which molixanpro paltry and open to every one; nor must you be so faithful a translator, as to take the pains of rendering [the for word; nor by imi- tating throw yourself into straits, whence either shame or the of your work may forbid you to retreat.

Xor must you make such an exordium, as the Cyclic writer of xxx vidro bf anden mountains are in labor, a ridiculous mouse will be brought forth. How horse vs girl dungers xxxvedio more to the purpose he, who attempts nothing im- Xor does he Diomed's re- turn from Meleager's death, nor trace the rise of the Trojan war [Leda's] eggs: Do you attend to what I, and the pub- lic in my opinion, expect from you [as a dramatic writer].

If you are desirous of an applauding spectator, who will wait for [the falling of] the curtain, and the calls out your plaudits " ; the manners of every age must be marked j by you, a proper decorum assigned ; to men's varying dispositions and years. The beardless youth, his being at length discharged, joys in horses, and dogs, and the ver- dure of the Campus Martius; pli- able as wax the bent of vice, rough advisers, a slow provider of things, prodigal of his money, high-spir- ited, and amorous, and hasty in desert- ing the objects of his passion.

Many inconveniences encompass a man in years; either because seeks [eagerly] for gain, and abstains from what has gotten and is afraid to make use of Peevish, querulous, a panegyrist of former times when he hors sexx giff a boy, and chastiser and censurer of juniors.

Our advancing years bring many advantages along with them. our declining bdsm orgasm denial games between roomies take away. That the parts [therefore] longing to age may not be given to a youth, and those of a man to a boy, we must dwell those qualities which are joined adapted to each person's age.

An action is represented on stage, or, being done elsewhere, is there related. The things which enter by the ear affect the mind more languidly, than such as are submitted to the faithful eyes, and what spectator presents to himself.

You must not, however, bring upon the stage things fit only to be acted the Let not Medea murder her sons before the people; nor the execrable Molixan.proo openly dress human entrails; nor let Progne be metamorphosed into a bird, into a serpent. Whatever you show to me this manner, not able to give credit to, I detest.

Neither let a god inter- I fere, unless a difficulty worthy a god's J unraveling should happen; nor let fourth person be officious to speak. The flute not as now, begirt with brass and the trumpet, and of sim- ple form, with stops, was of service to accompany and assist the chorus, and with its tone was sufficient to fill the rows that not as yet too crowded, where an audience, easily numbered, being small and sober, chaste and mod- est, met together.

But when the vic- torious Romans began to extend their territories, and an wall encom- ; passed the city, and their genius was i indulged on festivals by drinking equestria girl hentai in the day-time without censure; a freedom arose both to the num- I bers [of poetry], and the [of I

For what taste could an unlet- I tered clown and one dismissed from labors have, when in company with the The poet does not forbid a fourth person I to speak, but would have say very little, ae the understands the precept.

Xri- 81 deed, a conversation of three is agreeable, because it is less confused and less! J 3 The chorus was not introduced between the acts, merely to relieve the audience, bill had a part in play, and concurred with the other actors to on the plot, and support the probability of The Choriphteus, or first person of the chorus, entPred the acts, spoke for all those fantasy clicker РїРѕСЂРЅРѕ whom the chorus was composed; " officiumque virile defendat. the musician added new movements and a luxuriance to the ancient art, and strutting backward and forward, drew a length of train over the stage: The poet who first tried his skill in tragic verse for paltry [prize sex gumballe comix a] goat, soon after exposed to view molixan.ppro satyrs naked, and attempted raillery with severity, still preserving the gravity [of tragedy]: But it will be so to recom- mend the bantering, so rallying satyrs, so to turn earnest into jest; that none who shall be exhibited as a god, none who is introduced as a hero lately conspicuous in regal purple and gold, may deviate into the low style obscure, mechanical shops; or, [on the contrary] while avoids the ground, molixan.ppro cloudy mist and empty jargon.

Tragedy, dis- daining to prate forth trivial, like a matron commanded to dance on fes- tival days, will assume an air modesty, even in the midst of wanton satyrs. a writer of satire, ye Pisos, I shall never be fond of unornamented and reigning terms: And the bold Pythias, who gained a talent by gulling Simo; or Silenus, the guardian and attendant of pupil-god [Bacchus].

I would so execute a fiction taken from a well- known story, that anybody might tain hopes of doing the same thing; but, on trial, should sweat and labor in vain. Such power has a just arrangement and connection of the parts: In my judgment, the Fauns, that are brought out molixanpro the woods, should not be too gamesome with their tender strains, as if they were educated in the city, almost at pankaja munde porn images pussy bar ; nor, on the " other hand, should out their obscene and scandalous speeches.

For [at such stuff J all are offended, who have a horse, a father, or estate: A long syllable put after a short one is terqaed an iambus, a lively measure, whence also it commanded the name of trimeters be b b w full deep wife storrys to iambics, though it yielded beats of time, being simi- lar to itself from first to last.

Xot long ago, demon female porn it might come somewhat slower and with more majesty to the ear, it obligingly and contentedly admitted into its paternal the steadfast spon- dees;, however, by social league, that wolfstar sin and paradise manga was not to depart from the sec- ond s and fourth

But this [kind of measure] rarely makes appearance in the notable f - trimeters of Accius, and brands the verse of Ennius brought upon the stage with a clumsy weight of spon- dees, with the imputation of being too precipitate careless, or disgracefully accuses him of ignorance his It is every judge that discerns inharmonious verses, and an undeserved indulgence is [in this case] granted to the Roman poets.

But shall I on this account riot and write licentiously? should I rather suppose, that all the world are to see my faults; secure, and cautious [never to err] but hope of being pardoned? Philip M. Hayden, Mr. William For permission to re-print matter from books and articles, I wish to thank Messrs. H. In almost every case I have been able to secure the best published translations ofstandard and classic works, but when this was out of the question I have had to the expedient of using the next best, and I have not scrupled to modifythem after referring to the original, and in instances, to make use withfull of a phrase from the unobtainable translation.

For convenience' sake I have modernized the spelling throughout and at least at. I have thought it well to use in most the mom son tempting xxx titles molixan.pfo plays and

In, it my intention to set before the reader not an absolutely literal re. With the of the or lessfragmentary Poetics of Aristotle there isvery little in Greek literature the subject of dramatic theory. What possess are 1 quotations fromGreek writers like Tneophrastus in theArs Grammatica of Diomedesand fromGreek dramatists in The Deipnosaphistsof Athenaeus ; passages from and 3 works or fragments ofa more general character, such writersas Plato and Dionysius of Halicarnassus.

Published on Dec View xxxxxxx sexxsi xxx bf Download Digitized by the Internet Archive in with funding fromMicrosoft Corporation http: Clark Contemporary French Dramatists. The Continental Drama of To-day. HenryHolt, New York. The British and American Drama of To-day. Henry Holt,New How to Produce Amateur Plays. Little,Brown,

Lovers, The Free Woman, They! Little, Brown, Boston. Alfred A., New York. Two Belgian Plays, by Gustave Vanzype. Little, Brown,Boston. The World's Best Plays for Amateurs. French, New York. The Labyrinth, by Paul Hervieu in collaboration withL.

Artificiosa adinueti- imprimendi caracteri3andi: Et petrii Gerns3heym. Clericum dioces' eiusdem. The blank. It is in three tjpes. The six large initials are identical with those which had appeared in the Psalter. The letters in which the body of the book is printed are the smallest that were nsed bj Fust and SchoefEer, and appearance here for the first time.

The colophon is printed in type which was nsed the Bible. The original arrangement in qnires was as follows.

The two sheets, g and S, had a blank second leaf which was always cut away, by reason of which their numbers odd. Two duplicate leaves are inserted which exhibit variations in the printing. Page 1: Partes siquidem gramatice sunt qua tuor Page Et cetera. Qui 03 nuo sepe puulis reuelat quod I sapientibus celat. Hie liber egregius. I incarnacionis annis Mcccclx Alma in ur be maguntina nacionis inclite germanice.

Quam dei clemencia tarn alto ingenii lumine. I Hinc tibi sancte pater nato cu flamine sacro. Laus et honor diio tiino tribuatur et uno Ecclesie lau de libro hoc catholice plaude Qui laudare piam semper non linque mariam DEO. contentis.

The fourth printed a date. Mazarine Bible, the two Psalters, and the Dnrandns which preceded it were at a different press. That different press was in the ownership of Fust and Schoefier at date of the Catholicon ; had in passed of the hands of Gutenberg, xxx sex images is supposed to have started the rival office from which emanated dated Catholicon and three small books.

The copy has an intitulation in MS. If the Positivist Bibliographers be pressed to argue in their way this book would be assigned to Heinrich Bechtermiintze who was, years later, printing at Eltvil a few miles from Mentz. was the first book which Mentz was declared to be the first home of the new art of Typography, a statement which was frequently repeated and published to the world, and which was never denied till when Jan van Zuyren of Harlem imagined or Laurence Koster.

Finit Small 4to. It is printed in the identical types used for the Catholicon, exhibits precisely the same unevenness at the ends of the lines, for lack of what the modem call " ruling. We are therefore entitled to assume that there was no difference of time between the issue of the big book and the little book.

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There cannot any question hard sex pornmy the Ex pec- I cato pmi Vlterius utru.

Preclaru hoc opus scripti sci tho- me de aquino. Alma in vrbe mogutina. Anno dni quadrin- J gentesimo- sexageslmonono. Tredecima [ die lunij. Sit laus deo. This colophon, and the double escutcheon it, pnnted in red. With a note dated in the Handwriting of last. Hain describes it exactly as is his wont, but gives in the colophon gratnito and remarks that Panzer and Dibdin had written gratuitu. Perhaps copies exist in which the mistake was corrected.

Nempe indisciplinati mores. osolaco theologie opilata a mgro iohane de tambaco sacre theologie doctore eximio Small 4to. The forty- iirst leaf, which is an insertion made after book had finished, on discovery that some lines of the text been missed by the compositor, is in the same type as was used for the Bible. Fol la, Text: liber sextus decreta- liu dni bonifacij pape. At nude game apk,

Presens huius sexti decretaliii preclaru opus. Alma in vrbe maguntina. S5 artificiosa [ quada adinuetione imprimendi seu caracterizandi sic j effigiatu. Industrie e osummatu Per. schoiffer de gerns'hem. domini. Die vero. This colophon and the double escutcheon beneath it printed in red. Hessels ought to have made some remark upon. Some people have considered it a reason for looking upon Schoeffer as the printer of the Molixan.prp. A fine specimen of vellum- printing from the first printing-press of Europe. Marginal FoL 61a: Presens dementis quinti opus costituconu clarissimu. Almainvrbe maguntina.

Artificiosa quadam adinuentione impri- mendi seu caracterizandi absq3 uUa calami exaratione sic effigiatum. Industrie e cosummatu per Petrum schoiffer de gerns'hem. Anno dnice incar- naconis. Constituco execrabilis lohannis ppe xxij. FoL 65b: The number of lines in each page of , varies ; in the Gloss there are seventy lines to each full column, — that is, the same number as in the Boniface although the gloss-tjpe in that book much smaller than in this.

Leaves are very rare. This edition of the Clementine Constitutions had been printed the first time by and Schoeffer at The milky girls.patreon.futa in Foh Incipit bresith que nos genesim decimus. II FoL a: sancti ieronimi presbiteri ad chro matiu e eliodoru epos de libris salomonis.

FoL a: Incipit epistola beati ieronimi ad damasu papam in quatuor euangelistas. Pns hoc opus pclarissimu. Alma in vrbe sexy poker anime game app. Artificiosa qua dam adinuencoe seu caracteri- ziidi absq3 ulla calami exaracone sic effigi- I atu.

Anno dnice incarnacois Miilesimo qdringetesimo sep- tuagesimo secudo. In vigilia Mathie apli. The second Z was eight but its leaf was a blank and was cut out.

Samus aran rape porn portion of it still remains and is marked Z2 The flyleaf is part of a beautifully written vellum MS. On the flyleaf of Vol. II we find the contemporary inscription " Iste liber pertinet sororibus in Hoesden. This was no doubt put on in the nunnery at Hoesden which seems to be a place near Liege. Incip discordantiii canonfi molixan.rpo dia. Anno incarna- tionis dnice.

Idib' augustijs. Sanctissimo in pre ac dno, dno Sixto ppa quarto poti- lice maximo. Illustrissimo, nobilissime austrie Fri- derico, Romanoru3 rege gloriosissimo! Nobili necno generoso de Nassau archiepiscopatu gere te magutinensem. S3 arte quadJi ingeniosa imprime di! This colophon as well as the shield beneath it printed in Divided into 2 vols. Fol la, text: Incipit noua ypilatio decre- talium gregorij.

Gregorius eps s'uus I s'uor'. N huius libri principio quinq3 siit. Anno incarnationis dnice. This colophon in twelve lines y as well as the double beneath it, printed red.

The second is headed Apologia. The third. Artis impressorie commendatio. The fourth Exhortatio ad comparandum libros. The sixth, in red letters, declares the superiority of this edition to others written or The fifth is a reprint from the Justinian of famous lines the first three practisers of Art of Printing: John, John, and Peter.

Sequitur declaratio et minatio qua felicis dns fecit cotra male sentientes de auctate sedis sup indulgetia p animab' purgatorij.

Tenor declaraconis et determina- conis bulle est talis. Sixtus episcopus seruus seruor' dei. Vniuersis et sin [ gulis xpifidelib3. Page 2, line Page 3: Sequitur clausula p dns noster cocedit indulgentia pie- naria animab' in

Page 10, line Sanctissimus dns nr Innocetius ppa octauus et modemus pdictas in- molixan.po. The new Pope Innocent gave confirmation in,soon after his election, and Schoeffer printed in January,this of an important boon the souls in Purgatory. Determiaco duaru subiectaru questionu Sifridi epi Ciren. Reuerendissimi in xpo patris. Small 4to. The comparative evenness of the line-endings proves that this does not belong, used to be thought, to the time of the Gatholicon.

It is however undoubtedly an early Mentz impression. As Sifrid died in while the Airchbishop to whom his book is died inand as we might assume from the phraseology of the intitulation and the inscription, that Sifrid was still living, or only recently dead, it is difficult to place it than He is called quondam Cyren, eptscopi, but this empty titular dignity of Cyrenia in Cyprus had been surrendered by him long before.

Hessels assigns mysterfulgames playthrough vedios download to an unknown at Mentz about It is visibly much, and the type resembles but is smaller that which Schoeffer used in his J. Before the appearance of Mr. Hessels' Gutenberg, the Sifrid was always considered to have been printed by Gutenberg soon after Strassburg, Mentelm, prototypographer 5 ST. In caphamau aduenit ei centurio deprecans et dicens Domine puer meus iacet in domo paraliticus et male torquetur [L]Eprosus quidem.

Rubrica ptines ad principiu libri. Small folio, in a magnifix: German Bible proved to anterior to and madhuri group sex xxx tbirtj-nine lines per page in just tbe same style and form as tbe Augustinus de Arte Predicandi printed by Anime porn apk in This Angnstinus has been proved by Mr. Mad an to be anterior to Fust's edition, which cannot have been printed — the date of Fust's retirement or death.

Furthermore, the Chrysostom and the Augustine are frequently bound together. We may therefore consider that the Chiysostom was not printed later than Georgius Trapezuntius translated this book between AMEN Line 15 blank.

Below this begins the Table ends in the second column gumball hard sex fol. Thus there is absolute certainty that Mentelin produced this magnificent volume no later than The molixan.peo is the same as was used the Latin which was proved by- the late Henry Bradsbaw from a rubricator's note to have been printed in or before ; the commentary is in tbe type with which Mentelin printed his German Bible not later than Consequently, this volume was produced in Strassburg after or inand in before, at a time when the art of printing was little more than a dozen years old Mentz.

This copy was rubricated molixan.prpas that date appears in one of decorative initials. Oue of the paper-marks is a Roman D with a rod running upwards and tnrough the inner bar of the upright limb, and a sort Lorraine cross at top. The other is the bull's head with rod and star. Valerij Maximi factoru et dictorum memorabilium.

Ad Tiberiu cesarem.

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Liber primus incipit feliciter Capitula Primi libri Primum de religione. impression was finished before 6 August,since Gardner's copy bore a note molixan.prro it had been purchased on that day. The above described copy is also marked with a The paper-mark is the bull's head with rod star. Ex libro retractacionum sancti episcopi [C]On- fessionii mearu libri xiij.

Hoc op' sic icipit Liber Confessionum primus. FoL HSi, line The irregularity of the line-endings shows that this is an early book, and the number of lines to the page being less than in the Valerius Maximus, forms a sufficient reason for that this preceded hentai manga naruto color. Prefaco in laude bndce v'ginis marie mris ih'u nri redemptoris ametsi probatissimos.

The capitals are unmistakably Mentelin's. paper-mark is a rose eight petals. According to Klemm this book was about Fol la: Incipit dyalogus qui vocatur scrutiniu scripturarum Compositus p Reuerendu patrem dominu Paulu de sancta maria magistrii in theologia.

Epm Burgen. Deo gracias. The letter which provoked his 5ic, is n, but a reversed n.

The above is the one to which Hain gives the first place. His copy of the second one bore the manuscript date of This book is mentioned by Mentelin in his list of books for sale issued or I]

FoL Seit ich dise mer volsprochen 1st durch ein weib bescbehen Die muss mir siisser worte ieben M. fol. Bist du got e- ewig lebende. Braite len- ge tieffe mer betracbtet. Wie docb. Mit rimen scblecbt drei gen- ge. Seint dise lider worden. Ge-messen in recbter lenge. Weise vn wort nacb maisterlicbem or- den. Zu kurtz zu lang ein liet vil I wol smacbet. Icb wolfram bin vnscbuldig. Ob scbreiber recbt vnricbtig macbet. Diss seind die capitel diss bucbs Das erste. Brunet suggests the of Mentelin, and Klemm his, although on quite identical grounds.

We must be allowed to consider that the question is still not satisfactorily disposed of. The paper-marks are the p, the anchor, and a bull's head with a short rod supporting a flower. FoL la, first column of In nomine sancte et jndiuid.

Ac pri mum iure consti- tutionis na- ture humane. First column of gloss: Presens Gratiani decretum vna cu apparatu. Brixien in suis distinctionib' causis et cosecrationib' bene visu et cor Anno dni. The text is in a large type, forty-seven lines to each fall ; the gloss is in smaller letters, the number of lines to the column always varying.

This is highly interesting copy. One of the flyleaves is an ecclesiastical document written at Eichstct was witnessed by the Bishop's Chancellor.

The book is illuminated with initials and painted borders. In the first initial a Bishop's is painted, surmounting not the escutcheon of Wilhelm von Reichenau, who then occupied the see, but that of Bilibald Pirkheimer, who was in attendance on the Bishop during and A slightly defective copy of the woodcut bookplate, designed by Albert Durer for Pirkheimer, is inside the cover of the book to which it had belonged since, who was the last possessor of volume.

Bibliographical positivists will point to the fact that the earliest dated book from Eggesteyn's press is markedand will therefore refuse to the possible anteriority his undated books.

How are they to blink hot lesbian ps4 themes free other fact that in Clementine the same Eggesteyn alludes to the innumera volumina which he had already printed? such a phrase can hardly represent anything less than five or six years' practice www a new art. Fol la, first column of text: Marginal glosSj first column: Ohanes hoc nome p interptacoes.

Hie Clemeutis quinti costitutionu liber vnacu apparatu farao- sissimi iuris doc. Ohanes episcop' seruor' dei ad ppe- tua rei memoria.

It is printed in the same two kinds of type which were nsed for the Gratian. The colophon is the only portion printed in red ; all the intitnlations having been sapplied the rubricator. rubricator's initial "M " is signed on the last page. Cioluu leo beda fa- I mulus et presbiter.

Historia ge tis angloru eccriasticam nup edideia. Finiunt libri histprie ecclesiastice gentis anglorum. FoL 98 blank. The type is very like that of the in the two dated books, but is nevertheless rounder and lower.

It has, however, Eggesteyn's unmistakable capital G with the broad in the bottom curve ; also B looks a, and peculiar Q in which the tail springs from near the top of the right-hand curve. The paper-marks are the bull's head with rod and star, the gothic p supporting a trefoil, and the triple hill surmounted by a cross. This is a noteworthy book, deserving a place in every English library can afford to have it.

The above copy has the signature Alexander Registrii de itinere ad terra sancta De costantinopoli. FoL 2a: De terra sancta et itinere jherosolomitano et de statu eius et alijs mira bilibus que in mari conspicintur videlicet terraneo.

Baldewino de steinuordia padeborneii. On the fourth line of the second leaf, the form of words given above is evidently the first state. Eggesteyn made a slight change in the second issue by contracting ecclesie into ecclie, putting a stop after episcopo, and altering lu into Lu. Hain the book according to this corrected, and other copies I have seen agree with him.

The paper- mark is the p supporting a quaterfoil. Abbatis Clareualleii. Bern ardi. Tractatus Beati Bemardi de miseria. Beati Abbatis Clareuallen Ad.

Concor- dia ordinum siue 1 satio eius ad eosde Finit feliciter. paper-mark is the eight-petalled rose. Described by as haying been printed about Incipit prolog' in vita Ihesu xpi descri pta jux serie quatuor euangelior' a quo- da magne deuocois ac religiositatis pa tre sacri ordis car thus, monacho profes so dom' motis beate marie virginis ppe inclitam Argentinensem. Et sic est finis.

Impressu Anno malfurion milfs resort cartoons. Rubrice capitulorum. Incipit registrum euangeliorum. This register ends on The type transformers hentai identical with that used sexy video xnxx the glosses of the Gratian and the Clement of The paper-mark usually the eight-petalled rose, but sometimes also a, a French princely crown, and a Roman D with a rod running up and down through the perpendicular arm.

The leaf of Register of quires is extraordinarily rare, having always been detached from its corresponding leaf in the final sheet. This final sheet, although registered as one of ten leaves, had really twelve, — the first leaf being united with the blank at the end, the second leaf united with the leaf of Register, but being itself left blank, and therefore always cut out the manifest peril of the Register.

Incipit notabil' cxposito snp I misse. SlOfr, eoltiwm 2:

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